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New Feature: Ask The Nurse
Ask The Nurse

We are exited to introduce a new addition to our social network - Ask the Nurse feature.

You'd have to be logged in to be able to ask questions. If you haven't registered yet, please sign up for your free PP membership.

Every Friday a dermatological nurse will review and answer questions submitted through our Questions & Answers page. Ask the Nurse feature gives you a direct line of communication with a health care professional involved with psoriasis patients on daily basis. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.


Please try to make your questions as specific as possible.



How to use Ask The Nurse feature.


Go to the Q&A page and click on the "Ask New Question" image link.

click on the "Ask New Question" image link.

A New Question form slides out. Type in your question in the first line - this your question title. Try to make it as specific as you can. Provide additional details about your questions if needed, so a derm nurse reviewing your question can better understand what particular information you are looking for. Make sure you select Ask The Nurse from the category list. Also choose an appropriate subcategory for your question. Click on the "Submit Question" button.

If you leave any mandatory fields out a warning will pop up. Provide missing information and click on the "Submit Question" button again.

Provide missing information and click on the "Submit Question" button again.

You're done! You question will be answered soon. Even though all Ask The Nurse questions are reviewd every Friday it may take longer then one week to answer your question. A nurse may need to do additional research in order to provide the best answer to your question.

The derm nurse will also review all other questions submitted from the Q&A page, however, questions submitted under the "Ask The Nurse" category will be given a priority.



Note this feature is not designed to provide individual diagnosis nor  is it intended to replace the advice of you personal Health Care  Provider