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Do you have children with psoriasis?

Although the treatment options for psoriasis are similar to that of adults, psoriasis can present in different ways in children. Psoriasis at an early age is predictive of a more severe than average disease course throughout life, but the initial presentation may be mild in children.


Pediatric Psoriasis:

·         Up to 10% of patients develop psoriasis before age 10.

·         More than 70% of children with psoriasis have a first degree relative with psoriasis.

·         Children present with the same type of symptoms as adults, but tent to differ in distribution and morphology.


·         Presentation is often not as defined in children (without the classic signs of sharply demarcated red plaques with slivery scales)

·         Face involvement which is relatively rare in adults, is more common in children

·         Lesions tend to be smaller, thinner and less scaly than average in children

·         The majority of children have mild disease which can be treated with topical therapies

Treatment and education:

·         Patients and their parents should understand that psoriasis is a chronic disease without a cure at this time.

·         Psoriasis is a chronic and visible condition which can have a significant impact on a child’s psychosocial development. Parents should ensure that their child gets the necessary support for their child.

·         Children, and their parents or caretakers should be educated about psoriasis, how it can differ from adults, and how they can receive support when necessary.

The full article can be found here: http://www.skintherapyletter.com/2012/17.1/2.html


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