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christian Nice to see ­that this si­te is still ­up and runni­ng,It's­ been a whil­e...
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has accepted my skin,now thats done lets have a party ha ha!
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i use grape seed oil in my bath to keep my skin soft
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Im a 30 year old male who loves movies(especialy Horror) going to gigs with me mates and having a laugh,I live in my own place with my mad cats She-Ra and Savini.I gfirst showed signs of psoriaisis at about 6 my dad has it so he passed it down which he always says sorry for bless him,It only affected my elbows and knees till i was 19 then wham whithin a month i became a recluse for a while through time ive managed to get myself semi back to how i was but still a long way to go till i go swimming(which i love)but all in all im a happy go lucky guy who enjoys a beer and a laugh with his mates...2012 I still have psoriasis but as ive got older i have started to love myself for who i am,My psoriasis no longer affects the clothes i wear or what i do.I go swimming and do mostly all the stuff ive wanted to do.Life is to short not to be happy...